Etex is staffed by a talented, caring staff with an incredible depth of expertise in a variety of industrial applications. Our key applications are focused on food procession, energy production, mining applications, and concrete production facilities, but we are capable of adapting to any business's needs.


Here's what we can provide at a glance:


Food Processing

  • Recipe Controls
  • Dosing Controls
  • Control Automation for Material Flow
  • Temperature Controllers for Ovens and Cooling Systems
  • Gas Burner Controls
  • Scada Systems for Supervision and Quality Control

Hydro Power Plants

  • System Design
  • Turbine Controls
  • Generator Exitation Controls
  • Generator Synchronization
  • Plant Automation
  • Generator Safety Relays
  • IEC Remote Control through Satellite and/or GPRS
  • Scada Systems for Plant Supervision

Mining Applications

  • High-Voltage Motor Controls
  • Thickener Control Systems
  • Filtration and Evaporation Control Systems

Concrete Production Plants

  • Cement Mixing Controls
  • Material Handling
  • Automated Systems for Product Storing
  • Concrete Pipe and Wall Element Production Line Controls
  • Manufactured Concrete Product Testing Systems

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