A look at how we repair your components

Repair Service

We have a total of three Electrical labs dedicated to the maintenance and repair of a wide range of automation components. Two of the Labs are located in Finland and one in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our repair process is backed by a fully documented and controlled series of workflows that begin the moment the unit arrives and continue until that unit has been successfully returned to the client. Our team is composed of experienced electrical engineers, who work on troubleshooting and fault detection, and automation engineers, who handle live testing units before they are returned. Whatever the problem, our talented staff can get it solved.

Here's a glimpse at technologies available in our lab:

  • Ultrasonic Washing for PCB Boards
  • Repair Stations for changing SMT Components
  • Hardware Scanning Technology for Fault Detection
  • Thermal Overload Detection
  • Test Station for Servo and VFD Drives (Live Motor Loads)
  • Tools for Servo Encoder Adjustment
  • High-Tech Station for Measuring Motor Windings

In our Johannesburg Lab we have a special dust removal station for pre-cleaning the units. This is really useful before washing the units with ultrasonic solution.


Repair evaluation is always FREE

When your device has a malfunction, send the device to us for a free repair evaluation. Condition of the received devices varies a lot depending on their applications and usage. Our evaluation process consists of unit fault determination, cost evaluation and time frame estimation. Based on the supplied information we can offer different options to our client.

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