System Upgrade

From time to time, equipment manufacturers release new products and updates that are not fully backwards-compatible. This means that existing equipment in the system may no longer function correctly with the factory new installed unit, which in turn requires unit conversions and possible reprogramming. At Etex, our vast experience with system upgrades enables us to offer alternatives and solutions for changing components or modernizing complete systems without compatibility problems.


HMI-Screen Upgrades

Unfortunately, user interface lifecycles are usually shorter than those of the other components in an automation system. We offer many obsoleted operator screens from a variety of manufacturers; if spare parts are proving too difficult to maintain or locate, a unit upgrade may be the best approach.

Typical upgrades include:

  • Allen Bradley 2711 -> 2711P
  • Coros OP -> Siemens KTP
  • Siemens MP or TP -> Siemens KTP
  • MAC x Panels -> Beijers E
  • Proface GP -> Proface AGP

Depending on the upgrade, Etex may give a credit to the customer for an old Screen if it is no longer needed.

In order to perform HMI upgrades we need the original user screen application, which can be converted or reprogrammed to a new control screen type. We have many tools for uploading programs from old legacy screens if the application is not already available.

With HMI upgrades, we're able to include the new user interface as pre-installed. We are able to convert and load new applications into supplied screens based on your original application program. This upgrading service is available for the majority of user interfaces we service.

Some legacy screens are more receptive to system upgrades than others. It depends entirely on the original application code what it requires to modify application to new screen interface.


PLC Control Upgrades

New platforms are almost always more powerful and more flexible in terms of communication and signal processing. However, if the original control system was already performing well, the existing control loops should be retained in the new system. Our expertise in both new and legacy systems enables us to estimate what exactly is required for a successful upgrade.

 Upgrades we like to do most:

  • Siemens S5 -> S7
  • Allen Bradley PLC2 -> PLC5
  • Allen Bradley PLC5 -> CLX or Compact
  • Allen Bradley SLC500 -> CLX or Compact
  • Modicon 948 -> Quantum
  • Modicon TSX -> M340
  • Omron C200-> Omron CJ
  • Omron C500/C1000 -> Omron CJ
  • Mitsubishi FX -> Mitsubishi Q
  • Mitsubishi A -> Mitsubishi Q
  • Ge Fanuc 90-30 -> Rx3i

If it turns out that an application program is too unwieldy or complicated to modify or adapt, we usually recommend a re-engineering of the entire application.

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