About Etex

Etex webshop is part of Etex Oy, which activities include the sale of industrial automation components, repairs and various project-based services. Our customers range from factory maintenance departments to original equipment manufacturers and engineering companies.

Thanks to our network of partners and stakeholders we offer low prices and short delivery times.  Our skilled staff also always aim to provide better support and find better solutions for our customers.

As an independent automation services provider we offer unbiased advice, and manufacturers particularly appreciate Etex experience and wide array of components in chosing a supplier.

Etex Oy is a Finnish-owned limited company which operates in Central Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America, the Middle-East and Africa. Our offices in Finland are located in Espoo, Lappeenranta and Kristiinankaupunki.

Etex South Africa is a wholly-own subsidiary of Etex Oy with offices in  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Etex Oy is not an exclusive distributor or reprensentative of any brand mentioned on this website unless specified otherwise.


For more information visit: www.etex.fi



Contact Us:

Etex Finland

Sinikalliontie 18

02360 Espoo Finland


Call us: +358 5 541 1465

Email us: sales@etex.fi

Etex South Africa

The Palisades

39 Kelly Road

Jet Park, Boksburg

1459 South Africa


Call us: +27 11 319 7209

Email us: sales@etex.fi

Etex Spain And South America

Sinikalliontie 12

02360 Espoo Finland


Email us: sales@etex.fi


Contact sales support sales@etex.fi

Contact technical support support@etex.fi